Code of Conduct

Student Code of Conduct

The Purpose of the SCC is to develop a set of disciplinary action and procedures that outline consequences for unsuitable behaviour by the students. The aim of the SCC is to ensure suitable corrective measures at the first instance that encourage and promote self-discipline and responsible actions by the students thereby promoting good behaviour in an environment that is conducive to effective and efficient learnings;

Further the Purpose of the SCC is to:
  • create a consistent set of expectations for student behaviour
  • reinforce positive behaviour and provide students with opportunities to develop appropriate social skills
  • outline the interventions and consequences for students who engage in inappropriate behaviour in violation of the SCC
  • engage the students in a safe, positive and supportive learning environment.

The provisions of the SCC shall apply to all students with specific regard to:
  • their interaction with other Students, the Staff and Support-Staff;
  • interaction with outsiders and visitors are strictly prohibited.